Our Vision

The Unsung Hero.


Our focus is The Unsung Hero. In most instances we hear acknowledgement of those in the front, but what recognition does the person working hard behind the scenes receive? Little to none; consequently, this is where the Unlabelled Awards step in.

The mission of the Unlabelled Awards is to unmask individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes and often go unnoticed. We acknowledge them for their hard work and their exceptional influence in their respective fields. 

The Unlabelled Awards comprises individuals dedicated to giving recognition to well deserving power players worldwide. We serve as a primary international network where men, women and children may turn to one another for mentorship and professional development in the areas of leadership and entrepreneurship.


Why was the Unlabelled Awards Created?

“I created Unlabelled Awards  because I came to  a realization that there are so many hard working people behind the scenes,  in all fields,  who work tirelessly to contribute to the success of people who are in the front. We tend to always recognize the power players in the spotlight, but rarely award the key players in the back. It is my passion to specifically give recognition to those undeserved."

      -Carol ‘ Butterfli Tia’ Dunkley

Founder & President of The Unlabelled Awards