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Capture The Moment Award: Some call them Paps, we call them well needed. Almost every good shot/video captures a unique moment in time. We need photographers and videographers to capture these special moments. Without them they'd be no Capture that Moment. 
VOGUE HAIR AWARD: One that make you shine. Keep your hair on point, does creative styling. 
MIRROR IMAGE AWARD: One who transforms, beat your face and have you looking completely different. Beautification, work of art. 
Journalist of the Year: Activity of gathering, creating and presenting news and Information. They communicate the information to the public. 
CONQUEST AWARD: One that conquer, overcome and rise above it all and won. Never using their mishaps as an excuse.
BREAKING BARRIERS: Finding a way through the roadblocks, such as law, rule, or policy that makes it difficult or impossible for something to achieved or happen. The said you couldn't get it done and you did, you showed them. 
: The highest form of achievement. An individual who has made extraordinary contributions during his or her whole professional career.
UNSUNG HERO: One who does great extraordinary deeds but receive little or no recognition. This award is open to anyone. It could be a lawyer, Judge, Doctor, helper, assistant, secretary, the person next door, the gardner. 
DIGITAL PIONEER AWARD: The best social network that's out. Twitter, IG, FB, Snap etc
: One who is on the raise and likely to be successful 
SOCIAL INFLUENCER OF THE YEAR AWARD: A user on social media who established credibility in a specific industry. Large Audience and can persuade others by virture of their authenticity and reach
CASTING DIRECTOR AWARD: The head person charge of choosing a actor for a production. 
HUMANITARIAN AWARD: Going all out in helping others. One who is involved in or connected with improving people's lives and refucing suffering. 
Originator Award: The person who first thing of something and or  cause it to happen. 
Circle Of Excellence Award: One that's excellence at what they do. Who throughout their illustrious career has constantly shaped and reshaped their circle through their innovation and creativity. 
Designer Award: The art of applying design, creative thinking, commerce and natural beauty to clothing, shoes, bags and it's accessories. (This award can go to a Fashion, Shoes, Bags and Accessories Designer).

Public Relation (PR) Award
: Is the pratice of managing the spread of information between an individual, their client(s), business and the public. They are in charge of getting the word out, researching, communicating, collaborating and building mutually beneficial relationships for their client.PR is an excellent tool because it gives you exposure you don't have to pay for directly 
PERSONAL STYLIST: Is concern with an individual style and appearances. Help clients achieve their desired looks by aiding them in the selection of personal style.